Your Web site look

Appearance / Curb Appeal A visitor to your website, much like a visitor to your house, makes assumptions as soon as they see your website and as they look around the different pages. Browsing the web is a very personal experience for each visitor, and they are looking to fulfill the needs that they have. … More Your Web site look

Conversion Tactics

Convert Visitors into Customers The goal of a website is to answer visitors questions, and assay their concerns as quickly as possible so that they will advance in the sales cycle, or convert. Conversion on a website can be anything from downloading a document to purchasing a product or service through an e-commerce system. Conversion … More Conversion Tactics

What is usability?

What is usability? Usability measures the quality of a user’s experience when interacting with a a Web site.Usability, as defined by Joseph Dumas and Janice (Ginny) Redish, means that people who use the product can do so quickly and easily to accomplish their tasks.According to Jakob Neilsen’s research: User testing shows that business-to-business websites have … More What is usability?

Snap Judgments – You have 1/20th of a second!

According to a Nature Article researchers in Canada have found that Web site viewers make judgments about your site in as few as 50 milliseconds!This of course has great implications in the field of Web Design. We have long thought that the design adds credibility to your company through the halo effect, but even the … More Snap Judgments – You have 1/20th of a second!